Sunday, May 11, 2008

Two Movie Moms

My Favorite Movie Mom
Oh, Shirley MacLaine...she delivers such a remarkable performance as Aurora Greenway--full of strength and spirit. She is the most exceptional kind of mother, who is always loving, caring, and concerned for her daughter. Terms of Endearment is an excellent movie too. It is the kind of movie that brings cold-hearted beings like myself to the brink of tears.

Most Fascinating Movie Mom
Call her a bitch, but Mary Tyler Moore's Beth Jarrett intrigues me to no end. I am an only child and I've never been a mother before (obviously), but watching Beth being so devastated by her favorite son's death, so much that she neglects her only living son, is heart-wrenching to watch. I have seen mothers who appear to love one child more than the other, but I have always thought that by the end of the day, she loves them both equally. That is not completely the case in Ordinary People. Beth appears to be the perfect wife and mother, but she cannot deny the fact that she loves the dead son more and to some extent, blames her surviving son, Conrad, for the death. The relationship between Beth and Conrad unfolds on screen, slowly engaging the audience to simply hope for the possibility of a reconciliation. Ordinary People is one of my favorite movies of all-time. It is a rare family drama that explores the complexities and intricacies of a broken family with anguish and honesty.

So this Mother's Day, remember to do something nice for your mom! Buy her a bouquet of flowers, take her out to dinner, and if you're broke, do some chores for her--she'll appreciate it :)


  1. Those are two good calls indeed, I like them both as well.

    My Fave Movie Mom: Holly Hunter in "Thirteen" as Evan Rachel Wood's character, Tracy's mom. She poured her heart into that role and I really admire her for it.

  2. Awesome post. I'd forgotten about "Ordinary People" - what a great movie.

  3. What about Piper Laurie in Carrie?

  4. Nick, I've been wanting to see Thirteen for a while now. Holly Hunter is wonderful in everything I've seen her in so far.

    Thanks for visiting, Jess. I'm glad you share my views regarding Ordinary People.

    Catherine, it's been a long time since I've seen Carrie so I barely remember the movie. I might want to re-watch it some time.

  5. My favorite can be Sara Goldfarb from 'Requiem for a Dream'. Her character melts my heart every time.

    This'll be an unorthodox choice but I'll add Planet Terror's 'Cherry' as another favorite :) I just can't forget the last scene. It must feel weird to have a heroic mother with a machine gun leg.

    I also want to mention 'the mother' in Psycho but I just couldn't decide which category she should go in (I'm stopping so I won't slip any spoilers)

  6. My favorite Beth Jarrett line is "Mothers don't hate their sons". I remember saying, "Me thinks she doth protest too much" when I saw it for the first time. I'm glad my Mom doesn't have much in common with her (although Beth could sink a mean putt!).

  7. If and when you see "Thirteen" - let me know. It is one of my favourite films ever, and am curious to hear what you think about it.

    Holly Hunter deserved her Osar nom for it - more than deserved it. And Evan Rachel Wood deserved a nomination too, perhaps even a win.

  8. Favorite Movie Mom? Why, the Aliebig toothy one from Aliens, of course.

    What? So I have issues ...

  9. oops ... that's "big toothy one"

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