Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Roger Ebert!

Parents: If you encounter teenagers who say they liked this movie, do not let them date your children.
- Review of Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Today is Roger Ebert's 66th birthday. Ebert is probably my favorite film critic of all-time. He delivers his opinion as it is, without any fancy ornamentation or so-called cleverness. Ebert discusses a movie like an everyday filmgoer, but he is an extraordinarily talented writer because of his elegant simplicity and conciseness. When Ebert is at his best, his reviews are insightful and funny, emphasized with a deep appreciation and love for movies and movie criticism. Despite his talents in writing, I do not always agree with Ebert, but I still maintain respect for him. I miss seeing him co-host "Ebert & Roeper" because I just don't think Michael Philips does Ebert any justice. (And I miss Gene Siskel too, but makes life much better.) But hey, I've still got, a website with an archive of 40 years of movie reviews. I wish him well.


  1. i read ebert's review of 'the happening' and was surprised that he liked it, which gives me hope that there is a good new zoooeymovie to watch if i can get my dvd player to work again. i didn't see your review, though. have you seen it - did you like it

  2. Richard, after hearing the negative criticisms surrounding The Happening (plus not really loving the recent work of Shyamalan), I decided to distance myself from the film, despite the fact that Zooey is in it. But I might reconsider.

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