Monday, December 29, 2008

Endings Blog-a-Thon: ROMAN HOLIDAY

When J.D. announced his Endings Blog-a-Thon over at Valley Dreamin', one film instantly came to mind...

William Wyler's 1953 romantic comedy, Roman Holiday

Nothing even came remotely close. Roman Holiday has by far one of the greatest cinematic endings I have ever witnessed.

The ending is altogether unpredictable, bittersweet, and eloquently done. It is an ending that I didn't quite see coming but also appeared to be completely inevitable. It is a genre at its most honest and heartbreaking.

Roman Holiday may have transformed Audrey Hepburn into a bonafide star, but it is Gregory Peck (along with that beautiful Roman scenery) who inhabits the film's heart and soul. The ending cements this: As Peck's character, Joe Bradley, leaves the press conference hall, he looks back with the memory of his short-lived holiday where he found joy and romance in his bland reporter's lifestyle. And Peck communicates every single feeling that I just described with zero dialogue. The music swells up, and Joe bids farewell to what could have been a lovely dream.

Since my write-up has been somewhat inadequate in describing the wonders of the greatest film ending ever, thank goodness for video and all its glory...


  1. that was a brilliant ending. You do sort of know that it won't work out, but you just keep hoping, and then it doesn't...but instead of being depressing it's just so sweet and profound and...*beams*

  2. yes, the only way this film could've ended. It's about the impact one event can have on someone.

  3. bravo!what a great movie, a waking dream/fantasy. the dream had to end, as Matt said
    and Peck is certainly another top 10 actor!

  4. I think that ending makes the movie even more special. I love your write-up on the ending, I must add.