Monday, January 12, 2009

Obligatory Golden Globes Post

The annual Golden Globes is one of the few prestigious (I use that word loosely) film award ceremonies that conveniently air on network television, along with the Academy Awards. It's always an entertaining event to watch, although I never really catch up with the films until an entire year after the award ceremonies are over. Fortunately, this might change once I get a job and my driver's license.

The Hollywood Foreign Press (the folks behind the Golden Globes) has a reputation for nominating celebrities for the sake of nominating celebrities. That doesn't stop any of the fun that steams from the three-hour telecast (including commercials).

This year's triumphant victor is Kate Winslet, who won both Best Supporting Actress (for The Reader) and Best Leading Actress (for Revolutionary Road). Being an admirer of Ms. Winslet and having seen her act with electrifying passion in The Reader, I couldn't be more proud of her achievements. Here's hoping she finally gets a well-deserved Oscar.

Last night's Golden Globes also awarded the prolonged Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award to director Steven Spielberg. Spielberg was introduced by friend and fellow director, Martin Scorsese, along with a number of clips from the movies Spielberg has produced and/or directed over the years. It is no secret that I am a relatively huge fan of Spielberg (I have seen all but three of his directed films), and I am thrilled that he was honored for his work in cinema.

Finally, I would like to apologize for ever dissing Slumdog Millionaire's Oscar chances. For the past several months, the film has proved itself to be more of a potential Oscar winner for Best Picture than any other film in contention. This also reminds me that I should see it (post-finals, of course).

Since this must be the tenth (or tenth billion) post about the Golden Globes, I'll just cut the rant short. If you're curious, a complete list of the Golden Globe nominees and winners can be found here.


  1. i was pleased with the globes picks, though i usually prefer the oscars by a long shot

  2. Good list of winners. Spielberg more than deserved that award. Im alittle surprised Penn didnt win Best Actor, I thought he was simply fantastic in Milk. Haven't seen The Wrestler yet, but I heard so many good things about it. Great for Kate seeing as how she more than earned that award. Ledger getting that award was also a nice touch.

  3. don't have your license? How old are you? Because you have incredible talent for your age.

  4. The square root of my age is 4. Whoo.

    I'm flattered, Shawn. Only if my talent extends to my driving skills...

  5. i was wondering about, too, but nah!... no way. she has to be at least a know about girls and math! (ducks under table)

  6. No need to duck, Richard...

    Honestly, my math skills are pretty terrible, now that I think about it. root 25 = 4 is completely plausible in my world.

  7. hmmm...the truth comes out. you want us to think you are just a kid with an unusually shiny-bright intellect, but actually you are getting pretty old, and your intellect is somewhat tarnished...sigh.

    tomorrow, the reader...maybe.