Sunday, May 31, 2009

This always make me smile like a creepy moron...

Um. Yep. I think everyone is already aware of this Criterion DVD's existence, but I just want to point it out once again. But that is one cool (albeit minimalistic) cover for one crummy movie...


  1. I really think they meant that as a joke when they put it out.

  2. Looks so plain yet somewhat cool. To bad, they don't have a picture of Michael Bay's face on that cover since that would be hilarious.

  3. off topic - i watched the iconic
    'blade runner' (1982) last night.
    the lead actress (rachael) was sean young, and except for the eyes, she bore an almost spooky resemblance to zooey deschanel. zooey was two at the time, and young was 22-23. i doubt she has done anything memorable since then.
    sorry to interrrupt, but that is just my nature, and i am a major zoo-nut