Friday, August 14, 2009

Headline News

It's past midnight and I can't sleep. So, random question: What is your favorite political film(s) and why?

This would make a splendid blog-a-thon. Considering how amazing this idea is, I wouldn't be surprised if someone has already given it a whirl.

I ponder this question because I just recently watched Oliver Stone's latest biopic, W. and since I'm a casual Stone fan, I liked it quite a lot. I was expecting an over-the-top SNL-esque dramedy, but I was surprised by its serious yet sympathetic approach to a disgraced president.

I'm watching Stone's Nixon this weekend. I still don't think Anthony Hopkins looks anything like Richard Nixon, but seeing how everyone loves the performance and considering how it's Anthony Hopkins and all, my expectations are still fairly high.

Expect reviews for W. and/or Nixon. Possibly. Or I might be too busy mourning summer's inevitable end.


  1. While I really wasn't a fan of W., I do enjoy a good ploitical flick.

    I think tops for me would be WAG THE DOG, since it shows just how much spin goes into modern politics. Of course, I have to wonder how much more spin is going into modern politics, since the film is now over ten years, information, and gossip travels infinitely faster now than it did in 1998.

    Beyond that, I also love diggin' into DR. STRANGELOVE, THE CONTENDER and the original MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.

  2. @The Mad Hatter - I just found my DVD of Wag the Dog yesterday in the garage. It was relevant then and it's still relevant now. It's really a great film.

    I watched Dr. Strangelove a long time ago and didn't like it at all. I didn't understand the satirical humor. Maybe I would like it better in a second viewing.

  3. I really love ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN. It's a great, great, great movie. Did I mention how great it was?

    In all seriousness, with no violence, that movie creates a sense of palpable dread and fear of what could happen to Woodward and Bernstein that is rarely rivaled in even violent thrillers or horror movies.