Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Want These Things To Happen In My Life

I want...

my younger self to visit me
(This film is so underrated. And I prefer Bruce Willis in non-action genre roles.)

to see my future
(Jennifer Garner is awesome.)

to become my older self in the present
(Is it just me, or does Tom Hanks look kind of pervy in Big? Or just in the movie poster?)

a long-lost twin
(Because I grew up with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in my life.)
(Because Lindsay Lohan successfully tricked me into thinking that her roles were played by actual twins.)

a body-swapping experience
(Probably not with any of my family members, though)

a "what if" scenario played out in my dream so I could see what could have been
(Every time I watch this movie, I end up on the brink of tears. Thanks for the emotional manipulation, Nicolas Cage & Co.)

another "what if" scenario so I can appreciate my own existence
(Because this movie is as welcoming as a warm fire place and hot chocolate.) matter how sentimental the experience might be.

I haven't seen 17 Again yet, but I kind of want to be my younger self in the present too. Maybe the actual viewing of the film would change my mind.


  1. When my wife and I went to Vegas, we actually found a Zoltar machine like Hanks uses in big. She played it, but didn't wake up any older.

    If I could offer a moment to this list, it'd be to get a wish like the one that's granted in MR. DESTINY (Lousy movie from the early 90's with Jim Belushi, Michael Caine, Rene Russo, John Lovitz, and Linda Hamilton).

    I'd wish to see the one moment, big or small, that changes the course of my entire life. Can't say I'd want to tinker with that moment, but I'd like to know which moment it was.

  2. YES to the parent trap one. personally I'd love to wander around in the countryside at dawn and accidentally bump into the person I love and find true love...

    I watch pride and prejudice way too much. a breakfast club moment would also be very much appreciated :D xxxxxxx

  3. @Mad Hatter - I've never seen Mr. Destiny, but I'd like to know that that single moment as well. That would be cool.

    @Anahita - I don't particularly like The Breakfast Club, but I want that to happen in my life as well. Maybe in my version, the brain would end up with the princess, ha ha.

  4. @ Marcy... You aren't missing much, so don't rush out to Blockbuster or anything. As for the single moment, I'd love to see it to. It'd be interesting to know if it's something big (a la MR. DESTINY where he hits/misses a pitch in a championship baseball game), or small (a la SLIDING DOORS where she catches/misses a departing subway).

  5. Great choices. Emotional manipulation definitely with Stewart. But I loved it.