Sunday, February 14, 2010

I will share my byline with you

Someone on my journalism class discussion board posted this page of "Journo Valentines" from CJR that I found rather adorable.

How about, "You are the Tracy to my Hepburn" or "You are the Leigh to my Olivier" or any other famous screen couple? Or even, "You are the De Niro to my Scorsese" or "You are the Siskel to my Ebert." You know, all in good fun.

Whatever it may be...Valentine's Day, Single Awareness Day, or Lunar New Year, have a great day, everyone.


  1. "You are the Leigh to my Olivier" wouldn't be...great. Unless the sender is okay with making out with Marlon Brando in their pool while the receiver is in the house in denial about it happening.

  2. @Anahita
    Isn't it just lovely?

    Well, at least Leigh and Olivier are gorgeous together...right?

    Ugh. Olivier and Brando...Olivier can do much better. I've never found Brando attractive? At all?

  3. Um, Brando >>>>>>>>>>>>> Olivier, looks-wise AND acting-wise.

  4. I think they are both fine actors. I still have to see Brando in On the Waterfront, though.

    I guess I just prefer androgynous men? Brando intimidates me? I never really understood Brando's sex appeal.

    But even though Olivier was totally batshit in Hamlet and Spartacus, I found him really, really attractive.

  5. Marlon Brando is sex defined. Fact. Kind of like the marilyn monroe of the guy world.


  6. I still don't comprehend. Darn, I'm hopeless.

    On the other hand, Marilyn Monroe drips sex.

  7. Marcy, are you into mega-masculine guys at all? Because that might explain it.

  8. Yeah, J.D., that must be it. I'm more into pretty guys.

    I watched Dear John (which kinda sucked) this weekend and my friends were freaking out about Channing Tatum. I DON'T GET IT.


  10. Those guys should just strangle me until I come to my senses.

    There's also a chance that I'll die before any breakthrough. I mean, those guns...

  11. I want Streetcar-era Brando to strangle me.


  12. Brando and Olivier???

    Never heard that one. Though Olivier and Danny Kaye is sort of modern myth territory now.

    I picked up a book and perused it carefully at some ritzy shop a number of years ago. Brando allegedly said that he would've killed to get with Vivien. But she wouldn't give him the time of day.

    He called her a very bad name (amazing when he was such a whore himself) and claimed that Larry kept a very close eye on her because she was apparently giving it away to everybody.

    (I did hear that the type of mental illness she had was sometimes responsible for uncontrollable drives. But I don't know. I wasn't a witness to those events. This was long before I was ever on this planet.

    But Marlon was surely pissed that Vivien didn't know he was alive. Yeah, she was SUCH a bad girl. Sounds like a lot of BS to me.)

    J.D., you know that I adore you. But your taste blows severely, sweetie.

    I don't find Brando attractive either. Never did. I'll give Marcy some serious back up on that one.

    (As I do with almost everything.)

    Brando had talent. But Olivier was a BRILLIANT actor. He was also a devastatingly beautiful man. Even when he was old.

    J.D., I'll bet A LOT of money that you've never seen WUTHERING HEIGHTS, 21 DAYS, REBECCA or SLEUTH. Tell me if your opinion changes then, honey.

    I'm totally with Marcy. Pretty boys are where it's at.

    I could certainly get seriously distracted by a tall slender sweet natured gorgeous boy with big azure eyes that would speak softly to me, bring me chocolates and do my bidding.

    Mmmmmm hmmmmm....

    Worship me or die, baby. Sounds good to me.

  13. Leigh and Olivier had a torrid marriage. They were both adulterers. But they truly loved each other. From what I've read, they truly loved each other, despite the problems they experienced.

    As for the Brando, Leigh, and Olivier rumors, we'll never really know. There are many classic Hollywood rumors that I would love an answer to, but the mystery of it all is part of the beauty.

    Beauty is completely subjective. There are certainly times where I share J.D.'s taste in men. At least we can bond over our mutual adoration for Zac Efron's gorgeousness?

    Tall, slender, sweet, azure eyes, chocolate. That sounds lovely, Miranda.

  14. I despise him in Wuthering Heights (especially that he - and Fitzgerald, who did nothing - was nominated when Oberon wasn't, wtf), but he's pretty great in Rebecca. Still wouldn't say he's really attractive to me.

  15. to change the subject: 'bogey & bacall'. you don't get any more iconic than that, except maybe brangelina - yuck. there is an excellent article about marriage in the jan. 11 new yorker. it will clear your sinuses.

  16. not to forget lombard and gable - hah!