Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary, BISTF!

Mozart is attending my anniversary party. That automatically makes me pretty cool.

I forgot to celebrate BISTF's first anniversary. I made an effort not to forget about it this year. I like being part of the precious film blog universe. It's fun and there are tons of awesome opinions floating around from the most dedicated, insightful people I will ever know.

March 22. Nice date to remember.

I had a particularly good day today, despite a two-hour blackout in the evening. Then again, I was accepted to UCSB earlier today, so that definitely lightened up my mood.


  1. Marcy...

    CP's second anniversary was actually March 3.

    Not only that, but you became a regular commenter over at my little corner of paradise within approximately a month.

    So you and I not only had the same ideas right around the same time. But it does seem that our respective lives and mutual interests came to a rather fascinating correlation.

    Must be the harmonic convergence. Or something.

    I'm exceptionally jazzed that BISTF is part of the blogosphere. There aren't a lot of women doing what we do. I'm always extremely appreciative of female support. There's not a lot of it out there.

    So the fact that you visit my place regularly (and always have such refreshing intelligent points of views to share) is something that I am incredibly grateful for.

    Congrats on being accepted at UCSB!!!

    California has been calling my name (well...screaming it actually) for a while now. I adore my home town. But I have to get down there and make my mark.

    School in Cali? Sounds like heaven. Whatever you ultimately choose to do in life, you will be a great success. I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    So here's to the second anniversary of BISTF, one of the best blogs ever born. Not to mention the host.

    She's pretty damned awesome too.

  2. happy anniversary!! :D here's to another (insert large number) years!! xxx

  3. Thank you, Miranda, Andrew, and Anahita for your kind words. I have the deepest respect for each and every one of you. I love the film blogging universe because without the incredible insight I see daily, there will be no motivation for me to blog. So it's all thanks to people who blog and people who stop by and read my blog.

    And Miranda, I have a feeling that you'll love California. I hope you make your mark here soon. My state will be happy to have you around.

  4. marcy,
    may i add my congratulations, belatedly, on your ucsb acceptance. is this your first choice? - it would be hard to beat the location, that's for sure.
    it will be tough to keep bistf going, but i hope you will try. it should be a priority right after studies and boys, and certainly above eating and sleeping.
    i've seen a couple of decent movies on tv , a recent clint eastwood in which he is an old curmudgeon who comes to befriend a laotian family next door - and dies magnificently in the end. can't remember the name, though.
    also 'powder blue' with forrest whittacre(?) - an exploration of loneliness and the power of love.

  5. Thank you, Richard!

    UCSB has a beautiful location. It's right next to the beach. Most of the dorms have a view of the beach. But it has the notorious reputation for being a party school, which is why, despite its great academics, it still isn't considered a completely well-respected school by all.

    Play hard and study hard, as they say. I have a lot of respect for UCSB.

    But I'm on the UC Davis waitlist, so I'm seeing how that turns out. Davis has always been my first choice. I love how it's a college town environment and it's located in northern California. And honestly, there are a lot of perks of southern California (the glorious weather, being one), but I just prefer northern California.

    Ha ha. I try. I have been trying to rake some ideas to blog recently. I've been looking to my favorite blogs for inspiration and...I've got a couple of ideas.

    Gran Torino? My dad saw that and he liked it. I haven't seen that Forest Whitaker movie, though it sounds interesting!

  6. yes, 'gran torino'... and thank you for spelling forest whitaker! i knew i had it wrong. i'm seeing old movies on cable, and, of course, keeping up with 'lost'.
    i hate to ask such a lame question, but where is ucdavis? i thought it was near l.a., like in the desert. is there a town named davis, and if so, where is it?
    eastwood is very good at the decrepid yet still virile old man role, and whitaker is superb as a pathetic down-and-outer that you just want to hug and make happy if that is your thing.

  7. There is a town named Davis and I believe it's a few miles away from Sacramento. It's primarily a college town, which is what I love about it.

  8. marcy,
    yeah, it is on the map, and in or near the delta area west of sacramento. i hope you make it, even though ucsb has got to be a lot prettier, and some partying is good for you!
    btw, there is a special on water in the most recent national geographic. california is a 'poster child' for water troubles, and ucdavis is a center for water problem research. reading all this will make you want to move to mars.