Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My new film blog

I haven't written anything on here in ages, so I don't expect anyone to care about this recent turn of events, but I now have a new film/television blog (which is a disguise for me to post whatever I would like to post) called The Critical Escapist.

In the past few months, I basically came to realize that Twitter isn't a sufficient enough outlet for my rants and I need an entire blog for it.

R.I.P. Because I Saw The Film. We had some good times, but things I start during my sophomore year of high school just aren't meant to last.

So long live The Critical Escapist? We'll see, my dears.


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    1. Welcome, it would be very helpful for film lover. I mostly like to enjoy all episode. :)

  2. Hy, I've nominated you to the Liebster Award! check it out

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