Friday, April 11, 2008

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes

I know this is old news but...

I really like this video because how true it feels to an actual press conference. It just feels very authentic. The video is a really nice addition to the The Dark Knight viral marketing campaign. I am totally psyched that Gyllenhaal is replacing Katie Holmes in the next Batman movie and this video just proves it all. Unlike Holmes, Gyllenhaal has sort of a presence that screams maturity and strength that Holmes lacks. I didn't really hate Holmes' performance in Batman Begins as much as many others did, but I did think that she was a rather weak link in the previous film.

Don't get me wrong, though. I think Holmes is a solid actress and she was surprisingly fantastic in Pieces of April but everything else she has done so far in her career has this weird girl-next-door-but-not-quite kind of vibe. It is as if Holmes never left Dawson's Creek.

Then again, Holmes' awkward performance does not hurt the fact that I like the idea of Rachel Dawes (Bruce Wayne's childhood friend, link to the law, etc). Unfortunately, everything felt sort of unnatural, not just because of Holmes' lackluster performance, but the writing was kind of horrible. Even the wildest Batman Begins fan would admit that the lines for Rachel Dawes were certainly not the greatest. For The Dark Knight, I have some high expectations for both Gyllenhaal and the writers (Jonathan and Christopher Nolan) because they seem to have some insanely awesome material to work with this time around.

So, what do you all think about the video or The Dark Knight in general?

(Movie reviews of recently-seen movies coming soon.)


  1. I love Maggie Gyllenhaal, she's beautiful and an underrated actress. I think Katie Holmes was the main weakness in Baman Begins, poor thing tried so hard but I just couldn't believe her as a serious, grown up lawyer. Maggie's gonna be great!

  2. Maggie is so fugly and old looking. This video is so cheesy and makes you cringe. She's a try hard, she kept swallowing,nervous and nods her head many times.
    She looks only mature for the D.A. this time that's it. Katie being a mom and wife now gave her a perfect look for Rachel Dawes.
    All the more matching and hot opposite Bale.
    Maggie is a pornstar and a terrorist sympathizer not forgiving her 9-11 comments that U.S. did Sept.11 and America deserves it.

  3. @ anonymous
    Sorry to disagree, but I think Maggie Gyllenhaal is a very beautiful and talented actress. She "looks" more the part in comparison to Katie Holmes, in my opinion.

    This video is very authentic and captures the feeling of a press conference perfectly. It's not polished and it's sloppy around the edges--much like a real-life press conference.

    To call Gyllenhaal is a "porn star" is like calling every single actor or actress ever involved in a nude/sex scene a "porn star."

    Gyllenhaal, in response to the criticism she received for her controversial 9/11 comments:

    "[Sept. 11] was a terrible tragedy and of course it goes without saying that I grieve along with every American for everyone who suffered and everyone who died in the catastrophe. But for those of us who were spared, it was also an occasion to be brave enough to ask some serious questions about America's role in the world. Because it is always useful, as individuals or nations to ask how we may have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to this conflict. Not to have the courage to ask these questions of ourselves is to betray the victims of 9-11."

  4. She is overacting and this feels like SNL not a conference. A D.A. is supposed to be serious not smiling and flirty & swallowing as if she is nervous.
    Gotham is in chaos and she acts this way?

    Katie brings class,sweetness and vulnerability and is the real girl next door not this chick that looks like the love interest for the Joker not Batman. I can see Bruce Wayne fall for Katie Holmes not Maggie.

  5. I agree that Maggie is a pornstar. Actors that do nude scenes or sex scenes indeed are part of their jobs but Maggie's films are usually porn for the Independent projects. Just because you get spanked,showing your bush and fingering yourself does not make you Audrey Hepburn. She did provocateur lingerie that sex down their sales, the lesbian video for the WGA strike,always playing a whore in films,did Playboy magazine during her movie Sherrybaby. She tries too hard to be sexy when she is not.
    She trash talked Katie Holmes,Jackie Chan and other blockbuster films because Batman is the superior one when she forgot she swore she will never do mainstream films. Provocateur dumped her for her bad arrogant attitude. She breast feeds publicly,cusses and gives the finger at some fans and paparazzis.
    Im sorry she is too trashy for Batman. Many mocked her when she told the Metro interview that doing Provocateur was an art project for her. LMAO!!!!

  6. @ savewhales: People get nervous all the time during press conferences.

    I don't think Maggie Gyllenhaal is trying to be Audrey Hepburn anyway so that wasn't a very good comparison. Also, I do not believe that your views regarding Gyllenhaal's off-screen persona should interfere with your opinion of her performances. I think what does matter is that she is a great and versatile actress who is well-respected by many for her work.

  7. The only drawback to an otherwise fantastic film, was Maggie Gyllenhaal. Don't get me wrong, I think she can act well but couldn't they have picked someone who didn't look older than Christian Bale? Maggie Gyllenhaal looks prematurely aged and haggard; I know I shouldn't harp on about looks only but I thought Batman's love interests were supposed to be beautiful? Maggie Gyllenhaal just isn't leading lady material.
    When I watched The Dark Knight in a packed cinema, I heard quite a few people smirk when the Joker, addressing Rachel, says- " well hello beautiful" (or something to that effect), I just cringed coz I actually felt sorry for the poor girl!
    I agree with savewhales- Katie brings class and an understated vulnerability to the role, I really believed she was Bruce's childhood friend. So sad she couldn't reprise her role. I think Rachael McAdams would have made a stunning and smart Miss Dawes.

  8. Marcy is a good for nothing bimbo !