Sunday, April 20, 2008

To All Those Ron and Hermione Shippers Out There...

(minor spoilers for those who have not read all seven books)

It is Harry Potter month on ABC network and I have been re-watching each of the films for the third of fourth time. Last night, they aired Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I just thought...why Ron and Hermione? Just...why? I've never understood the hype for this ship. I see very little to no chemistry between the two characters. Come to think of it, if I were to be left reading the books on my own without any outside contact or Internet access, I would have never guessed it was J.K. Rowling's intention to create romantic feelings between Harry's two best friends. Sure, I am aware of those hints planted here and there never appeared to be something that felt like the real deal. The romance (if you can call it that) feels forced and the revelation in book seven was kind of lame, if you asked me.

Since the first book, I've always thought it was going to be Harry and Hermione. No, seriously. Call me delusional, but I really believed that. And seriously, why not Harry and Hermione? Watching the third Harry Potter film solidified my beliefs. Harry and Hermione work well as a team and Rowling (as a writer) and Alfonso Cuaron (as a director) presented that quite well through their work. I guess the fact that Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have such great chemistry together also supports my case. The idea of Ron and Hermione seem strangely incomplete after watching the third film. Speaking of Harry, I absolutely loathe the idea of Harry and Ginny. I loathe it and I will loathe it for the rest of my life.

I have to admit that I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan, although I did thoroughly adore the first five books (especially the fifth, which I believe is probably the greatest fantasy novel I have ever read). But things like shipping fandoms that I see no merit in puzzle me to no end. I must say that one of the few shortcomings of Rowling as a writer lies in the fact that she cannot create any convincing romance in her epic series. Rowling's attempts at romance in a series where magic and emotions work so well, feels sloppy and abrupt.

Any thoughts? Comments? Feel the need to enlighten me and share passages of the all-time great Ron and Hermione moments? Feel free to do so.

I was just reading an old movie review of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and it frustrates me that some people can't praise the third film without criticizing the first two, vice versa. They are all fun and entertaining films with the directors' interesting spins on Rowling's novels. Both Cuaron and Chris Columbus are great directors who had done terrific directorial work for their respected installments.


  1. I'm a huge HP fan, complete fangirl and proud! I was so happy when Ron and Hermione finally kissed in bok 7, it was a long time coming. Unfortunately, my love of the couple in the films has been a little ruined by Emma Watson. I just don't like her in the role, she doesn't do it justice and makes Hermoine really annoying, more so than necessary.

  2. @ Kayleigh
    I sort of have a love-hate relationship with Emma Watson's performance as Hermione. One minute, she's fantastic and captures the snobby intellectual in Hermione. The next minute, she would be completely annoying. Watson has a constant tendency to go over-the-top.

  3. Perhaps if Ron hadn't been painted throughout most of the series as such a pale-featured, voice-cracking p****, he would have been more attractive as a suitor for Hermione.

  4. You are I are on the same page. In fact, I wrote something similar on my own blog.