Sunday, March 1, 2009

Une jeune femme à la plage

Eric Rohmer's drama, Pauline at the Beach, is a lovely coming-of-age story, set in the background of an interesting love triangle among very flawed and misguided, yet sometimes sympathetic, human beings. What began as simply a self-conscious effort that somewhat attempted to define the world of love and relationship blossomed into an engrossing, compelling, and wonderful French film about the nature of love and relationships.

The characters' conversations about love and relationships accentuates the yearning, the disappointments, and the hopefulness that come with the mere notions of romance. Perfected fantasies can be disappointing. People who seemingly embody that sort of fantasy have the abilities to be even more disappointing.

I was genuinely surprised by this engaging character-driven piece, I must say. Rohmer definitely made one helluva impression on me. I can't honestly say that French cinema has ever greatly appealed to me, perhaps with the exception of The 400 Blows, Antoine et Colette (short film), Les Choristes, and probably several more that I can't think of right now. Perhaps it's because I haven't seen enough--that's always the best answer for young cinephiles, I guess.


  1. i left a comment on 'doubt' because i finally saw it...but how would you know that.
    meanwhile, i love french movies, and foreign movies in general. they don't waste a lot of money on over-producing. get in...tell the story...get out. clean and simple.

  2. I also enjoy foreign movies from time to time. Not something I would watch everyday, but I wouldnt mind watching one every now and than. Good post, that poster looks sexy

  3. remember, 'la cage au folles(sp), was a french film, and if you've never seen it you are missing one of the funniest movies ever made. and just think of some of the great french actors and actresses; the delightful, light comedies
    i think jeanne moreau(sp) is still around, and making movies, last i read, after more than 50 years.

  4. I've seen part of a dubbed version of La Cage aux Folles on PBS and it bored me. It was probably of the dub. I've seen the American remake, The Birdcage, which was one of my favorites as a kid.

    I've seen the remake three times. I still think it's hilarious. I should really see the original French film.

    Jeanne Moreau is gorgeous. I loved her in Jules and Jim, which is another very good French film by Truffaut.

    I'm sorry Richard that I haven't been responding to your comments as much. School has been constant kicks in the stomach lately, so I hope you understand!

  5. i hate dubbing - i must have seen the sub-titled version, and i think at one point i actually fell on the floor from hysterical laughing. the hollywood remake was good, but just not the same. i'm sure you can get the dvd of the original sometime when you are less frazzled.
    you must be a junior - if you were a senior you would just be having fun now. and you are probably one of those over-achievers who takes it all much too seriously. you won't turn into soft putty if you don't get into stanford - life goes on, you know.
    and remember, being a critic means you never have to say you're sorry.

  6. btw, are you a tarantino fan. i saw a movie called 'desperado' on cable, staring a. banderas and s. hayak. tarantino was in the cast, but took no credit for the film even though, it certainly seemed like one of his. it was a send-up of the mex-western genre with more violent deaths than you could count. tarantino is realy very amusing if you can handle the gore. everyone seems to be having fun.

  7. Yes, I'm a junior. I'm sort of an underachiever in the way that I'm struggling to even pass my classes, haha.

    I've seen Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. I liked both. I'm not crazy about Tarantino, but I'm glad he's doing the kind of films that he's passionate about.

    You also sent me an e-mail about subscribing to sites. My feed is located here Most blogs have feeds that can be subscribed to. And if you used Google Reader, it'd be much easier to read updates.

  8. not only did i subscribe to google reader, but i finally figured out how it works, and check it frequently. however, for spome reason i don't understand it did not alert me to your april 4 blog comment - to which i am now responding. i thought the whole point of 'reader' was to alert the user to a new blog posting??
    anyway, if you do not do well in classes, it is because of advanced enui. you need more fun and stimulation in your life, and obviously you aren't getting it at school.
    meanwhile, it took me a while to figure out that tarantino is having fun with his audience, carrying violence and gore, which have become so prevalent in main stream hollywood to new and often hilarious levels of absurdity. i particularly enjoyed the double feature - car chase & sci/fi thriller - forgot the name, but its on cable channels all the time. what a hoot.
    hang in there, kid. only one more year to go ! then...meh?

  9. is it too few worthy movies, or too much unworthy school work that keeps you from the balcony?