Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yes, I know, I'm terrible...

It's been quite lonely around this corner of the whole wide web, hasn't it?

I've been tremendously busy with school. School has, in short, been kicking me hard in the ass that it's not even funny anymore. I've never been a spectacular or productive student, but the work load for junior year has been completely insane that I'll literally explode with happiness come mid-June. I can't even resort an entire weekend for studying since I have to do work on a history project on some--never mind the adjectives--kid's house.

My future is still undecided, but all I know is that I can't wait for the monumental moment in the immediate future called senior year.

Anyway, I'm actually really bored right now, mainly because I'm in a state of morbid procrastination. I have a billion things to do now, but instead of doing those things, I am being forced into stalker-dom due to the "new" Facebook, listening to the glorious Tori Amos, and--gasp--updating my movie blog about things that aren't about movies.

I haven't really voluntarily watched a movie since last month. I watched I Love You, Man in cinemas for my anti-prom (which is, depending on who you are, is either for the cool or the really lame people). I half-wrote a review that I don't know if I'll ever publish, but the movie's worth a look. It's quite funny, Paul Rudd is adorable, and I want Rashida Jones's hair.

I also watched Pay It Forward for the second time at the Movie Night at my youth ministry, and it's the most preachy thing I've ever watched but...KEVIN SPACEY! And lol...Jon Bon Jovi. But yeah, it's preachy and sentimental, but a lot of people seemed to like it. But hey, it is sort of entertaining in its own preachy-sentimental kinda way...right?

We're also watching this amazing Chinese film in English class (a companion piece to Joy Luck Club) called A Great Wall. It's a little-known eighties movie about the collision of a Chinese-American family with a full-blooded (in heart and body) Chinese family. Being a Taiwanese-American, I could relate to some of the things the characters say to each other. It's an honest film, that is tender instead of offensive.

And...I also watched the most epic thing ever during spring break: Masterpiece Theatre's recent mini series, Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Gemma Arterton is absolutely stunning as Tess, the tragic young woman who is troubled by fate, which leads her to an inevitable downfall. That journey to the eventual downfall is characterized by two men: the dangerous Alec D'Urberville (played deliciously and freakishly by Hans Matheson), and the sweet, but cowardly Angel Clare (played by Eddie Redmayne, who seems to be channeling the annoying spirit of Ashley Wilkes). It's the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed on public television and I whole-heartedly recommend the mini series.

Oh, and I saw Much Ado About Nothing in drama class and it makes me kinda wish that Kenneth Branagh didn't cheat on Emma Thompson with Helena Bonham Carter because Branagh and Thompson are terrific together. And I used to vehemently hate Shakespeare because of the blantantly coincidence-ridden Romeo and Juliet, but I fell in love with Shakespeare after The Merchant of Venice.

I hope everyone is doing well and I will be back...soon. My friends and I are planning to see 17 Again after AP testing, but things are a little uncertain right now, but I certainly hope I get to see it in all its corniness (and Zac Efron's gorgeousness) one way or another.


  1. MARCY!!! You're alive! Yay! :)

    Also, OMG Facebook link. Now. I will not ask twice.

  2. you are not a terrible are just going thru a terrible period. i expect most all of us have been there, too. it is horrible to be stuck in whatever lame gear you are in...maybe park at the moment. anyway, you did manage to cover a lot of ground with your lively and engaging commentary, and we are always grateful for your insight.
    it is also interesting to learn that you are asian/american, combining, no doubt, the very best of both cultures.
    and always remember those famous words, 'illegitimi non carborundum' - 'don't let the bastards wear you down'!

  3. @J.D.: I'm sort of brain dead right now, so I'm having tremendous difficulty in successfully linking to my Facebook profile. So I went ahead and added you instead :-)

    @Richard: Thanks for the encouragement and praise! I only try my best...heh. Because sometimes that's all I have.

  4. Antiprom sounds tremendously cool to me.

    But then I've always been a badass...

  5. excuse my lameness, but is the anti-prom something you do if you don't have a date for the prom. and instead you go to a movie or hang out or whatever? please explain.

  6. @Miranda: Nonconformism is awesome.

    @Richard: Anti-prom (as initiated by me) was for people who couldn't get dates/didn't want to go to prom. Technically, you could go to prom without a date, but spending $100 didn't seem worth it for some people.

  7. hmmm...$100. that is a lot, but that does include the stretch limo, doesn't it? i'm thinking you probably made the right move. unless you have a really hot date, it's not worth it, and if you do have have a really hot date, you can find better things to do.did you have a good group doing the anti-prom?

  8. @Richard: I think the tickets were around $70, but there's the dress, makeup, etc. involved, so it probably totals up to about $100 for the girl. And depending on whether or not you're riding a limo, the limo's around $80 and if your date is nice enough, they'll pay the full amount.

    Oh, if I had a hot (and interesting) date, I would totally have gone. But I got to hang out with a decent group of people anyway. We went to a movie and a lovely vegetarian buffet restaurant afterward. It wasn't half bad.

  9. where do you get a prom dress for 30 bucks? only in your dreams, maybe. was the prom at the school gym, or some fancy hotel ballroom?
    like everything else it has been over done. not just simple fun - now it is yet another multi-billion dollar industry. it's a good thing they got the prom in before the swine flu hit.
    i'm looking forward to your school year ending; so, you can get back to the important the movies.

  10. hiiii!! long time no see!! glad you're back - although I do sympathise, exams and school and work are just generally horrible things - I don't blame you for not writing!! but anyway, yay, nice to see you back :) xx

  11. Nice to hear from you again Marcy. I can understand that school is keeping you busy from blogging, I mean I had the same problem too. Now instead of school, its work thats taking up all the time I got. I'm glad you saw some movies even with your hectic schedule. I'm sure you will enjoy senior year just like I did last year. You wont have too worry too much about homework overload and can just relax.